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Free tuition at Stavanger School of Music and Arts

Pupils under the age of 18 can be eligible for free tuition, depending on their family's size and income. To apply, you must first have been granted admission to one of our courses and be registered as a paying pupil. Check the table below and make sure you're eligible for free tuition before you apply. Your application must be renewed every year.

Income per year must be less than:

Number of Children under the age of 18 Single Parent Two Parents
1 child 277 500 NOK 435 000 NOK
2 children 370 000 NOK 522 000 NOK
3 children 462 500 NOK 695 000 NOK
4 children 555 000 NOK 700 000 NOK
5 children 647 500 NOK 780 000 NOK


Recipients of free tuition are required to report all substantial income or family changes. 

Applications, including a copy of last year's tax form, must be sent by mail (not e-mail) to:

Stavanger kulturskole p.b 8069 Forus, 4068 Stavanger.

...or delivered physically to Stavanger kulturskole, Sandvigå 5, 4007 Stavanger.