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Mailing adress:

Stavanger kulturskole, Postboks 8069 Forus, N-4068 Stavanger, Norway


Stavanger kulturskole, Sandvigå 5, N-4007 Stavanger,Norway

Phone: (+47) 51 50 88 40

Office hours:  

Monday-Friday: 08.00-15.00

Please keep updated by reading our homepage regularly! Generally, all classes are in Norwegian.

Service Statement

  • We aim to provide a wide range of cultural activities, using a variety of learning and teaching approaches within a clear framework, allowing for the different needs of individual pupils.
  • We seek to achieve these aims by creating a positive working atmosphere, by evaluating current school practices on a regular basis, and by including a parent-teacher meeting each academic year.
  • Each pupil will have the opportunity to participate in a concert, show, exhibition or performance at least once a year as part of the school’s curriculum.
  • We have both individual and group lessons. Group lessons last a minimum of 30 minutes per week, whereas an individual lesson lasts a minimum of 20 minutes per week. We encourage our students to play in ensembles.
  • Up to four weeks each academic year may be organised for internal projects where we draw on a wide range of resources.
  • We will provide supply-teachers whenever possible to avoid cancellations due either to illness or absence. Cancellation of lessons is sent via sms to parents/pupils.
  • More than two cancellations per term due to staff absence may qualify for a reduction in the term fee. Cancellations due to strike, lockout or force majeure are not eligible for a fee reduction.

By applying for admission to Stavanger Kulturskole, you also agree to the following conditions:

  • Admission is valid and economically binding for one term and is automatically renewed until a written cancellation is registered by the school’s administration. Our academic year consists of two terms (autumn and spring).
  • Cancellation of contract must be done before December 1st , otherwise next term’s tuition fee must be paid in full. All pupils must, before May 1st, confirm their contract for next academic year, otherwise the contract is automatically cancelled. This does not apply to Kulturkarusellen and short term courses.
  • For new pupils: The first lesson is a free trial lesson. If you decide to cancel your child`s admission you must inform the school in writing.
  • If you change your adress, email or telephone number, please inform us immediately!
  • Absence: You should telephone your teacher to explain the reason for your absence. Absence for more than three lessons per term may result in the termination of your child’s tuition, with no refund being given.