For music pupils


Practise regularly.
Your teacher will help you to develop the necessary methods.

Your teacher will tell you: 
what sheet music,
material etc. you need to purchase.

If you hire an instrument from us, you are responsible for its maintenance.
The instrument must be returned in good condition.
The school does not provide,
 - resin,
 - reeds etc. (see rules for instrument hire).


We offer a number of hire instruments for beginners.

You may hire a string instrument for a maximum of two years, and you may hire certain small size instruments until you can play on a full size instrument. We have some wind instruments for hire, for a maximum of three years.

You have full responsibility for the hire instrument, including damages.

Repairs must be carried out by qualified craftsmen only! Contact us for information on instrument repair shops.

If your hire instrument is lost, you will be billed for the cost of a replacement.
String players must always have a spare set of strings available in their instrument case.

We provide the correct sets of strings and will bill you accordingly.